Editor Styles

The editor has a drop-down box to apply certain styles to the currently-selected text in the editor. “Grid boxes” We have a separate style sheet “sub set” for styles available to the WYSIWYG editor – editor-style.css – here’s where we  implement a WYSIWYG “replacement” for the [grid] shortcode. This allows for less flexibility, but an easier… Read more »

Creating content on InsideLaw

Use a “Post” for time-sensitive information, announcement, newsletter-related articles, etc. Use a “Page” for permanent information that is to be included in the navigation menus, etc. Posts can have assigned categories and tags – use sparingly – only if the post needs to be included in a list of posts. New Pages InsideLaw now default to the… Read more »

shortlinks [goo_gl]

This has been implemented on InsideLaw. (login required) Details Uses a Google API key (on gsulaw.net account) to create goo.gl short links. It also displays a QR code generated by Google. Creates a form to make a short link for a posted “url” value. If no URL is posted, no shortlink is created. This shortcode has no… Read more »

Advanced Post List

The Advanced Post List (APL) plugin is used to make custom lists of posts/pages/etc as determined by tag, category or other criteria. To include just one category or tag, select only that category or tag under the desired content type. The “Require Taxonomy” “Require Terms” and “Include Terms” checkboxes are not intuitive and are only needed… Read more »

Groups management / Access Restrictions

We use the “Groups” plugin to limit access to pages, posts, etc., on InsideLaw. By default, all WordPress pages and posts are public – viewable without logging in. Setting / restricting group access is done via the  “Access restrictions” meta box at the top right of the edit screens. Note that in most cases, pages/posts will… Read more »

News feeds

InsideLaw uses WP RSS Aggregator to pull in headlines, faculty-in-the-news from law.gsu.edu, and a Annual Reports Archive list from readingroom.law.gsu.edu The resulting lists are shown on the home page (“News” section), a dedicated news page and the College Documents page This list might change over time…. The news items are updated every two hours and… Read more »

Custom Post Widget

This plugin enables you to edit and display Content Blocks in a sidebar widget or using a shortcode. Custom Post Widget documentation page. Very versatile – use anywhere you need a bit of content to be repeated on several pages. On InsideLaw, the Student and Faculty quick links boxes are built as a Content Block… Read more »

WordPress Best Practices and Basic Terms

A few best practices considerations: Categories – Think “WHO” – limited in number – large “bucket” items, mirroring existing administrative organization. Our Document Repository has three levels of categorization, all of which must be set: Audience, Division, Business Process (always “College of Law” for now). Categories can be “nested” into a tree structure. Tags -… Read more »

Redirect shortcode

A simple shortcode that will send the user to another page instead of showing the page in which this code is embedded. Usage: [redirect to=http://address.of.page] You can also use “url=” instead of “to=”. If used inside a [show_content] shortcode, you can schedule a page to “expire” with a redirect to a replacement page. Note that… Read more »

Video embedding

Video embeds are automatic with recent version of WordPress. For Vimeo, YouTube, etc., just paste in the URL – WordPress takes care of the embedding. List of compatible video embeds at: codex.wordpress.org/Embeds   We can also do galleries of videos with: the Video Gallery plugin [KGVID] shortcode For a playlist of videos, the [KGVID] or… Read more »