September 24, 2018 - Development, Tech-Admin

The law proxy server runs EZproxy - was upgraded to version 6.4.4 in Sep 2018.

The authentication is done via the 192.168.172.x internal network to a script on InsideLaw (/var/www/proxy_auth.php) which validates the username/password via Campus ID LDAP and insures that they are an active user in the WordPress user database.

There is also a custom PHP script to display the subscribed databases and two admin back ends, one is the standard EZproxy administration and the other is to generate the EZproxy config files and restart the service .

Access to the latter control panel is by logging into the main login with a username found in the list of admins as set in the "Setup" screen of the config admin.

Future plans

The proxy database listing/linking system needs to be able to also handle databases that are accessed via the University's proxy server.

The database list needs to be moved to WordPress(? perhaps ?).

The templates for skinning the pages are self-contained stats HTML on that server, but need to be refined - perhaps to auto-extract the relevant HTML directly from the Library WP pages.


Local-login WordPress users (i.e. not LDAP/CampusID) are not currently validated due to the complexity of WordPress' internal password hashing. Temp CampusIDs could be issues and registered in WordPress and/or local users can be set up within EZproxy if needed.

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