Retrieving form-submitted data

If you have been given “data viewer” access, you can download data from the admin dashboard From the left nav menu: “Formidable” then “Entries” and use the “Switch Form” drop down selector to pick your form, then “Download CSV” button to download a file that can then be opened in Excel. Here’s steps marked with… Read more »


Our forms processor, used for data collection, site search forms, etc. Allows building a form as well as “Views” for retrieving the entries. Formidable Pro Website We have a “Pro” licence – key on private page Added a patch to the theme functions.php to put any uploaded files into a separate directory (based upon the… Read more »

Tax Clinic Evaluation

This survey is completed every semester by all students working in the Tax Clinic.   A Formidable form, “stock” except for custom HTML layout. The biggest issue is that there are columns included for the radio button labels, which as all blank. Does work on mobile (tested on Android/Chrome), not responsive, a bit awkward -… Read more »

[allow_form_edit] shortcode (now a function!)

This shortcode is deprecated *** BUG *** For some reason, there are times when other code executes and produces output *before* the shortcode executes, resulting in a “headers already sent” error. While this has not (yet) occurred on InsideLaw (but it has errored on LawMaint and LawMedia) I have replaced this shortcode with code in… Read more »

Lawyering Trials signup system

Each spring, the Lawyering: Advocacy / Foundations program holds mock trials in several locations over a period of about 2 weeks. Each student who is not excused for serving as a counsel/litigant in the trials must sign up as a juror or a witness. This system uses two Formidable Pro forms, also with several views… Read more »

TouchNet payment system

The University uses TouchNet for credit card payments. There are two services provided, uPay, which only processes payments, and MarketPlace which provides some shopping cart functionality. We have been using uPay for all our transactions, allowing us to have all of our records in one place. Portal Production Test Event booking payments The Events Manager… Read more »

News feeds

InsideLaw uses WP RSS Aggregator to pull in headlines, faculty-in-the-news from, and a Annual Reports Archive list from The resulting lists are shown on the home page (“News” section), a dedicated news page and the College Documents page This list might change over time…. The news items are updated every two hours and… Read more »

Relational Databases

With Formidable Pro, data from two records from two forms can be combined on one view.     To pass a variable from one “view” to another, embed in the “parent” view:  [display-frm-data id=child-view linked_value=[id_or_key] filter=1] In the view name “child-view” Advanced Settings / Filter Entries: select {linked field} is “equal to” and enter “[get param=linked_value]”  … Read more »

Clinic Application form

Implemented in Formidable Pro, embedded in the clinic application page with shortcode [formidable id=17] Created 4 views – one with all applications and one for each of the three clinics – Tax, HeLP, and Investor Advocacy (IAC) Encountered a bug with the form – when the logic for showing the preference ranking worked properly (i.e…. Read more »

Pro Bono recording

We use a Formidable Pro form and shortcodes to allow students to record their pro bono hours. The totals are used to designate the level of distinction in the Hooding Ceremony program. Info page on InsideLaw Info page on Recording form page on InsideLaw Totals Tally screen for all students in system Now-retired recording page… Read more »