May 23, 2015 - History

A simple, bare-bones CMS developed by Earl Daniels in 2002-2003, and retired from the CoL in 2015. At it's height, the system powered around 100 websites.

It had a simple in-page editor with TinyMCE, a menu generator, calendar, simple templates, and a fairly flexible forms/data processor. It was never intended to be extensible by way of modules or plugins, but to be simple and fast, even on inexpensive hosting platforms.

The SourceForge page is still up with an older version of the scripts.

In December of 2009, an add-in "Agora" tree-structured system was added on to handle the course web pages, complete with password-protected file upload "attachments" and further customizations added later for displaying the class photo roll. In the 5.5. years of operation, the system accepted almost 10,000 uploads with very little tech support and minimal training requirements.

Contentor also managed such systems as the Events RSVP, with a simple tie-in to TouchNet. It also handled tasks such as the litigation program's "NITA Litigation Video: Winning at Deposition" 25-part video series, tracking which students watched which segments.


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