[bp-remove-group-avatars] BP group avatar cleanup

When automatically-generated class BuddyPress groups are deleted, the group avatars get left behind. The [bp-remove-group-avatars]  short code reads the group-avatars folder and removes any folders that do not have an existing BuddyPress group. No problem running this frequently – suggest about once per semester, or after any major clean-up removal of groups.  

[schedule_jump] shortcode

Loads a form, the JavaScript jumps the form to show all LAW classes on GoSolar. [schedule_jump semester=”201508″] The destination page show all courses scheduled for the specified semester. Page with the shortcode does flash on screen briefly, as it is not a proper redirect, but rather a JavaScript “load”. Implemented in Shortcodes UI.  

[touchnet_pay] shortcode

Used to create a confirmation screen that allows a visitor to proceed to the TouchNet payment system. The system can use a custom Formidable “View” or will use a default generic view. The Form “TouchNet payment button setup values” will (eventually) give a third option for passing in Payment Confirmation screen parameters, but for now,… Read more »

[allow_form_edit] shortcode (now a function!)

This shortcode is deprecated *** BUG *** For some reason, there are times when other code executes and produces output *before* the shortcode executes, resulting in a “headers already sent” error. While this has not (yet) occurred on InsideLaw (but it has errored on LawMaint and LawMedia) I have replaced this shortcode with code in… Read more »

[profile_link] shortcode

Inserts the “‘Website” link, as listed in the user’s profile. This is most useful for linking to another user, such as a student’s faculty advisor. For example, in conjunction with the [user_meta] shortcode: [user_meta]Your Faculty Advisor is: [profile_link user_id=”{$faculty_advisor_id}”][/user_meta] where “$faculty_advisor_id” is retrieved from the Student’s meta data. If the “user_id” is not specified, the… Read more »

shortlinks [goo_gl]

This has been implemented on InsideLaw. (login required) Details Uses a Google API key (on gsulaw.net account) to create goo.gl short links. It also displays a QR code generated by Google. Creates a form to make a short link for a posted “url” value. If no URL is posted, no shortlink is created. This shortcode has no… Read more »

Lawyering Trials signup system

Each spring, the Lawyering: Advocacy / Foundations program holds mock trials in several locations over a period of about 2 weeks. Each student who is not excused for serving as a counsel/litigant in the trials must sign up as a juror or a witness. This system uses two Formidable Pro forms, also with several views… Read more »

embed_page shortcode

Used on /documentation site only (for now) – should be of only limited use, as it does not buffer/cache the contents pulled from another page, and overuse could be seen as abusive by some web sites. Allows the HTML main body from another web page to be embedded here. The <head><style><script> and much other HTML… Read more »

News feeds

InsideLaw uses WP RSS Aggregator to pull in headlines, faculty-in-the-news from law.gsu.edu, and a Annual Reports Archive list from readingroom.law.gsu.edu The resulting lists are shown on the home page (“News” section), a dedicated news page and the College Documents page This list might change over time…. The news items are updated every two hours and… Read more »


Front-End Posting Dashboard Not sure what implements this shortcode (apparently WCK ?), but it displays a very useful dashboard of all your content – most anything where you are the author. It is a tabbed display with a tab for each content type. The lists are compact, linking to the edit page along with a… Read more »