The law proxy server runs EZproxy – was upgraded to version 6.4.4 in Sep 2018. The authentication is done via the 192.168.172.x internal network to a script on InsideLaw (/var/www/proxy_auth.php) which validates the username/password via Campus ID LDAP and insures that they are an active user in the WordPress user database. There is also a custom PHP… Read more »

Import Course Descriptions

A background PHP script at /var/www/admin/import_course_desc.php – also uses /var/www/admin/ Uses admin values ‘course_descriptions_semester’, ‘description_import_find’, ‘description_import_replace’ Pulls the course descriptions from GoSolar via the “XML Extract” link found at the bottom of the law courses listing. Writes the retrieved course description into database `insidelaw`.`banner`.`course_desc` Note that Banner versions course descriptions by semester, so a pull from 201408 would… Read more »

WordPress setup

General information about our setup of WordPress. See also: Col Theme | BuddyPress Course Web Pages | Server setup | Email setup   InsideLaw and LawMedia: are set for sub-sites in folders (single domain name – no domain mapping) Use Campus ID logins Use the CoL custom theme The LawWP server farm: Is set up with sub-sites… Read more »

[bp-remove-group-avatars] BP group avatar cleanup

When automatically-generated class BuddyPress groups are deleted, the group avatars get left behind. The [bp-remove-group-avatars]  short code reads the group-avatars folder and removes any folders that do not have an existing BuddyPress group. No problem running this frequently – suggest about once per semester, or after any major clean-up removal of groups.  

BuddyPress development considerations (history)

Initial Setup for import from Banner pull data In dB `banner`.`admin` `item`=’bp_group_avatar_upload_path’ set `info`=’/var/www/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/group-avatars’ in above folder, place files “class.png” and “class_thumb.png” `item`=’group_id_faculty’ set `info` to Groups plugin “faculty” group (currently “2” on InsideLaw) `item`=’group_id_students’ set `info` to Groups plugin “student” group (currently “4” on InsideLaw) For the transition, photos are pulled from -… Read more »

Tax Clinic Evaluation

This survey is completed every semester by all students working in the Tax Clinic.   A Formidable form, “stock” except for custom HTML layout. The biggest issue is that there are columns included for the radio button labels, which as all blank. Does work on mobile (tested on Android/Chrome), not responsive, a bit awkward -… Read more »


InsideLaw authenticates with Campus ID via LDAP, using the wdDirAuth plugin. See more info at LDAP / Campus ID Login. To use InsideLaw and/or LawMedia as a College-limited authentication system, we may be implementing WP OAuth Server (more info). Hacked WP OAuth Server plugin to support our directory user accounts come from LDAP. We will likely be using EZproxy… Read more »

Email via Mandrill

Outbound email Mandrill will be used for outbound email from CoL Intranet servers (InsideLaw, et al). The WP Mandrill plugin replaces the wp_mail() internal function that should allow all well-behaved functions to send mail via Mandrill. In addition, the server’s sSMTP  can send via Mandrill to accommodate ill-behaved WP plugins and to service WebMin, cron,… Read more »

WordPress security

Restricting access to pages / documents on InsideLaw We use the “Groups” plugin to restrict access to materials on a page-by-page basis. The “Access Restrictions” box in the upper right of the admin edit page allows selection of groups to have access. Leaving the box blank allows open access. The menus only show pages that… Read more »

Development Best Practices

Documentation For ease in searching using WordPress’ built-in search, Documentation for system end users (editors, staff, faculty) should be located here in the /documentation site. The separate site avoid cluttering the main site with irrelevant results Editors should be made aware of the /documentation site Most content will go into “posts” especially if there are… Read more »