May 23, 2015 - Tech-Admin

A background PHP script at /var/www/admin/import_course_desc.php - also uses /var/www/admin/

Uses admin values 'course_descriptions_semester', 'description_import_find', 'description_import_replace'

Pulls the course descriptions from GoSolar via the "XML Extract" link found at the bottom of the law courses listing.

Writes the retrieved course description into database `insidelaw`.`banner`.`course_desc`

Note that Banner versions course descriptions by semester, so a pull from 201408 would return "Legal Bibliography" for course Law 5030, whereas the title was changed to "Research Methods in Law" for 201508.

Attempts to extract the "friendly" title from the first line of the description - bug (fixed 5/23/15-ead) necessitated only using this option if the "friendly" title is *longer* than the tagged  CourseShortTitle or CourseLongTitle (5030 was being set to "Legal Bibloigraphy).

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