Moving forward – future plans – To Do

Thoughts, ideas, musings, about where to go,services to provide, ways to meet the College’s needs. Exam Number Lookup not sure how this is done now… (11/2018) CSV imports Formerly-used user-import process used the Import Users from CSV  plugin which was Last Updated: 2013-3-14 (as of 5/25/15) Still need a plugin for populating user meta data – possibly Import users from… Read more »


The law proxy server runs EZproxy – was upgraded to version 6.4.4 in Sep 2018. The authentication is done via the 192.168.172.x internal network to a script on InsideLaw (/var/www/proxy_auth.php) which validates the username/password via Campus ID LDAP and insures that they are an active user in the WordPress user database. There is also a custom PHP… Read more »

Forwarding Email

Using the web interface to Office 365, from the setting “gear” icon in the upper right, select “Options” Under “Mail” / “Automatic processing” / “Inbox rules,” click the “+” to add a rule. Give the rule a descriptive name in case you need to edit it again. Select the condition under which the rule applies,… Read more »

Import Course Descriptions

A background PHP script at /var/www/admin/import_course_desc.php – also uses /var/www/admin/ Uses admin values ‘course_descriptions_semester’, ‘description_import_find’, ‘description_import_replace’ Pulls the course descriptions from GoSolar via the “XML Extract” link found at the bottom of the law courses listing. Writes the retrieved course description into database `insidelaw`.`banner`.`course_desc` Note that Banner versions course descriptions by semester, so a pull from 201408 would… Read more »

Retrieving form-submitted data

If you have been given “data viewer” access, you can download data from the admin dashboard From the left nav menu: “Formidable” then “Entries” and use the “Switch Form” drop down selector to pick your form, then “Download CSV” button to download a file that can then be opened in Excel. Here’s steps marked with… Read more »

Editor Styles

The editor has a drop-down box to apply certain styles to the currently-selected text in the editor. “Grid boxes” We have a separate style sheet “sub set” for styles available to the WYSIWYG editor – editor-style.css – here’s where we  implement a WYSIWYG “replacement” for the [grid] shortcode. This allows for less flexibility, but an easier… Read more »

BuddyPress Notes

Purging old data Neeed to check the `insidelaw`.`banner`.`admin` `item`=’last_update_201508′ and delete users/classes/etc that have were last updated before that time. Classes (ref: for 201505, `insidelaw`.`banner`.`class` `id`=’12221′ is a cancelled class, last updated on May 1.) Students: (ref: all `insidelaw`.`banner`.`class_rolls` where `semester`=’201505′ and `updated` < 2015-05-20) Faculty Support Adding faculty support to every class would be awkward and does… Read more »

WordPress setup

General information about our setup of WordPress. See also: Col Theme | BuddyPress Course Web Pages | Server setup | Email setup   InsideLaw and LawMedia: are set for sub-sites in folders (single domain name – no domain mapping) Use Campus ID logins Use the CoL custom theme The LawWP server farm: Is set up with sub-sites… Read more »

[bp-remove-group-avatars] BP group avatar cleanup

When automatically-generated class BuddyPress groups are deleted, the group avatars get left behind. The [bp-remove-group-avatars]  short code reads the group-avatars folder and removes any folders that do not have an existing BuddyPress group. No problem running this frequently – suggest about once per semester, or after any major clean-up removal of groups.  

BuddyPress development considerations (history)

Initial Setup for import from Banner pull data In dB `banner`.`admin` `item`=’bp_group_avatar_upload_path’ set `info`=’/var/www/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/group-avatars’ in above folder, place files “class.png” and “class_thumb.png” `item`=’group_id_faculty’ set `info` to Groups plugin “faculty” group (currently “2” on InsideLaw) `item`=’group_id_students’ set `info` to Groups plugin “student” group (currently “4” on InsideLaw) For the transition, photos are pulled from -… Read more »