Custom Post Widget

This plugin enables you to edit and display Content Blocks in a sidebar widget or using a shortcode. Custom Post Widget documentation page. Very versatile – use anywhere you need a bit of content to be repeated on several pages. On InsideLaw, the Student and Faculty quick links boxes are built as a Content Block… Read more »

Committees – Faculty

Faculty committees are places in the “committee” custom content type via the admin left nav menu entry Each committee in each year gets it’s own separate committee “page” The Title of the committee should be: Name of Committee – FY#### where #### is the 4-digit year The content of the committee “page” will be the names… Read more »

category_list shortcode

[category_list cat_type=”category”] Makes a simple, alphabetized bulleted list of all the categories of a particular type. Especially useful for custom content type categories, where a category page does not seem to be automatic… As of 9/30/14, the following custom cat_type entries are valid: audience category* committee_name committee_year division event-categories event-tags externship_category externship_semester externship_type following_users forum… Read more »

Event management

The plugin is Events Manager Pro and more documentation is available on their site Events are submitted via InsideLaw by anyone. Unless submitted by someone with “event_publish” permissions, the event is placed in “pending” awaiting approval. General information about tagging and categorizing can be found in our Best Practices. Note that “College Events” is intended only for… Read more »

Externships system

WordPress Externships system Working version now at Admin page “Externships” on dashboard, allows “Bulk Actions” of “Edit” to set (but not reset[a]!?!) categories, type and semesters. Bulk edit can also place selected Externships into “Draft” status to hide from listings Two complete systems – the “default” posts listings and the “shortcode-implemented” “selector” Opportunities listing. Default system:… Read more »

Custom content and taxonomy

Custom post types (such as “externship”) are created by CCTM Custom taxa are created with the WCK – Custom Fields and Custom Post Types Creator[1] A few hard-learned points: for publish/edit/delete capabilities, on the CCTM “Advanced” tab, set only the “Capability Type” as a singular noun name and do not check “Map Meta Cap” or… Read more »

Admits sub-site

The “Admits” site was set up to allow password-protected information for admitted students who may not have actually accepted and may not yet have a Campus ID. It uses the simple Password Protected plugin that implements a single password for the whole site (also allows admins and other logged-in users in with their password!) The password… Read more »