The buttons are (unfortunately) defined in the CoL theme


[button type="type" size="size" url="address" text="button label"]


primary, large
CNN [button type="primary" size="large" url="" text="CNN"]


default, large
NYTimes [button type="default" size="large" url="" text="NYTimes"]


info, large
AJC [button type="info" size="large" url="" text="AJC"]


success, large
CNN [button type="success" size="large" url="" text="CNN"]


danger, default
WSJ [button type="danger" size="default" url="" text="WSJ"]


primary, small
WSJ [button type="primary" size="small" url="" text="WSJ"]


NOTE: for this page to operate correctly, the second shortcodes must have the square brackets entered as HTML codes /" dummy="#91; and /" dummy="#93;
Do not edit in the "Visual" WYSIWYG editor, as it converts them to [ ] brackets!