May 7, 2015 - Editor Tips

Use a "Post" for time-sensitive information, announcement, newsletter-related articles, etc.

Use a "Page" for permanent information that is to be included in the navigation menus, etc.

Posts can have assigned categories and tags - use sparingly - only if the post needs to be included in a list of posts.

New Pages InsideLaw now default to the wide template to accommodate BuddyPress group pages, etc. - you *must* select "Left Sidebar Page" from the Page Attributes / Template selector.

Do *not* set the "Content Permissions" at the bottom of the page - instead, use the "Access Restrictions" box in the upper right to control who can see the page.

Media that is not embedded in an InsideLaw page should be uploaded to the LawMedia server. Same with video - put it on LawMedia. Pasting the URL into an InsideLaw page will automatically embed a video player.

Please assign an existing category to uploaded Media - it will help in managing these many files later on...

Documents (Word, PowerPoint, PDFs, etc) should not go into the Media library, but into the Document repository instead. You *must* assign all three taxa (Audience, Division, and Business Process) in order to publish - otherwise, it goes into drafts.

Documents for particular courses or groups will go into BuddyPress docs instead (coming June 2015)

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