Graduate Assistants assist law faculty and departments with research, administrative and teaching support and technology and are employed either annually or on a per-semester basis.



  • Enrolled in minimum nine credit hours during fall or spring semester; six credit hours in the summer;
  • Work a minimum of 120 hours during fall or spring semester; 60 hours in the summer;
  • May not take an academic overload during semester of employment;
  • May not be simultaneously employed as a student assistant or other employee with another department or college - except as a research assistant.

It is recommended that GRAs plan to work an average of eight-10 hours per week in order to complete the required hours per academic semester. At the College of Law, GRAs are typically recruited and appointed by individual faculty members and department heads.


The typical compensation package for graduate assistants in the College of Law includes a half-tuition waiver and $1,000 stipend for fall and spring semesters or a half-tuition waiver and $500 stipend for the summer semester.

Depending upon the scope of the work, some full tuition waiver positions are available. Along with a full tuition waiver, these positions would typically carry a $2,000 stipend for fall and spring semesters or a $1,000 stipend during the summer.

GRA Openings

  • Faculty Research: No vacancies at this time.
  • Departmental/Administrative: No vacancies at this time.
  • Law Library: No vacancies at this time.
  • Law Technology Services: No vacancies at this time.

GA Vacancies in Other Departments

Graduate research and teaching assistantships in other departments and colleges may be available to qualified law students. Graduate teaching assistants teach one course in each of the academic semester or mini-mesters, receive a stipend, and receive tuition reduction and dedicate at least 10 hours per week. These students must be enrolled at the College of Law, be in good academic standing and have the approval of the dean.

Inquiries about non-law graduate assistantships may be made directly to the deans' or administrative offices of the other colleges:

Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing & Health Professions
College of Arts & Sciences
College of Education
Legal Affairs
Robinson College of Business
University Housing

Before formally accepting any position outside the College of Law, you must complete Request to Work Outside Home Department form for approval.

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Application and Selection Process

GRA positions are limited and preference is given to current law students. Students may be appointed directly by law faculty or selected competitively via applicant pool based on research or professional experience, academic record, and the correlation between the applicant's specific experience and the particular assistantship positions that are available.

Once selected, students may be reappointed for subsequent terms, subject to performance, departmental policy and position availability.


For appointments

College of Law priority deadlines for Graduate Assistant appointments are as follows:

  • Fall semester: July 1
  • Spring semester: December 1
  • Summer semester: April 1
For tuition waivers

To remain eligible for tuition waivers, you must have submitted your completed appointment forms by:

  • Fall semester: September 25
  • Spring semester: January 31
  • Summer semester: June 30

It is the student's responsibility to verify that a tuition waiver has been applied to his/her account by the dates above. Waivers will not be applied to student registration records after these dates.

Required Forms and Resources


Return your completed forms to Dana Brown in 432.

Helpful Documents and Links

Getting Started With ADP

Employees, including graduate assistants, have access to self-service applications for pay verification, address and telephone number changes, emergency contact changes, direct deposit allocations and W-2 forms via the ADP Portal.

In order to use this system you will need to register your account. If you are a new graduate assistant, you will not be able to register in ADP until you paperwork has been filed in the university's human resources office.

If you have worked as a graduate assistant during the past year and have made changes to personal data such as your name, marital status, address, telephone number, direct deposit information, etc., you will need to update this information in ADP.

Links to ADP Login Page & Training Modules

Special Instructions for Litigation Program GRAs
Professor Paul Milich, litigation program director, appoints a limited number of Litigation Program GRAs each year. Contact Professor Milich for more information. Newly appointed GRAs should review and submit the following forms to Dana Brown in 432:

Special Instructions for Hourly GRAs
A limited number of summer semester assistantships are available for pre-approved students who do not otherwise qualify for summer positions because of non-enrollment or enrollment below half-time.

Students who work in this employment category are classified by the university as non-student temporary employees and earn an average $12.00 per hour for approximately 10 hours of work per week over the 10-week summer session.
Students who work an hourly appointment are required to log in hours through ADP online, and are subject to payroll deductions including federal and state taxes, FICA and contributions to the Georgia Defined Contribution Plan.

Review the information and submit forms to Dana Brown in 432:

Mandatory Research Training
All faculty graduate assistants are required to attend research training offered through the College of Law Library. For dates, times, or additional information on research training please contact Austin Williams.