General WebEx Meetings:

To Host Virtual Meetings, click here for GSU’s WebEx Homepage


Quick Video Tutorials

Launching  WebEx Meetings


Scheduling WebEx Meetings

Webex Audio Tutorial

For invitees, especially external participants, you can forward this video walkthrough

Link:  WebEx Tutorial: External Users



Webex Virtual Background

Faculty and Staff may use any of these approved virtual backgrounds for Webex. Currently only works for Webex for iOS and iPadOS.

GSU - College of Law Virtual Backgrounds

WebEx via iCollege:

Set up WebEx in iCollege

Using WebEx in iCollege


We understand this will be a huge adjustment, but we anticipate you will get the hang of WebEx
after some practice. You may also find recording lectures prior to a class’ scheduled time and
posting to Kaltura or Panopto, and using WebEx for live-discussion, to be a useful alternative.



  •  “Why do I need to use WebEx?”

WebEx acts as a catch all for virtual meetings. Imagine your WebEx Meeting is a
physical room. Phones, mobile apps, video conferencing systems, web browsers,
and desktop apps all act as doorways to it; all opened using the same Meeting
Number/Access Code. If you have the Meeting Number/Access Code, you can:

- Dial into the Meeting from a no-frills phone call
- Join from a WebEx iPad or other mobile device’s app
- Use your laptop or desktop with a mic and webcam.
- Join from a Polycom system or other video-conferencing hardware (less common).

Whenever prompted, Always Allow access to your device’s camera and microphone.
Otherwise, WebEx will not send audio or video.

  •  “My audio and/or video is choppy, lagging, or distorted.”

Most ISP internet plans boast large download speeds, but minimal upload speeds.
While this is great for streaming and other activities where you receive content,
sending video (especially combined Webcam & Shared Screen video) might be
impacted. Wired internet connections are more ideal than Wi-Fi, but if participants
are pointing this out, try prioritizing your Shared Content over your Webcam.

  •  “It is taking forever to connect to my Meeting Room.”

Expect some sluggishness during this time. As universities and businesses across
the globe transition to online operations, there will be an unprecedented load on not
just WebEx, but most video-conferencing platforms. If the issue becomes prolonged
and interruptive, consider switching to a conference call by phone using the US Toll
Number and Meeting Number/Access Code located in your Meeting Room Info.

  •  “I can’t hear or see anything.”

For best results, please follow the extra steps as shown in the above video to
launch the Desktop App. Check your Audio Connection Settings to make sure your
output settings are correct and your mic is responsive. If you’ve launched a Meeting
as a Browser Plug-in, you may not have granted Access to your camera.

  •  “Participants’ background noise keeps disrupting the flow of class.”

As the Host/Presenter, you have the ability to mute a specific participant all
participants by right clicking the Participants Window and Muting/Unmuting All. This
will prevent all other participants from sending interruptive sound. Being mindful that
questions might not be heard, request that your participants enter them in the Chat
window. Participants can submit questions either just to the Host or to all
Participants in the Room.