Coweta County Solicitor General

Students will assist in all stages of misdemeanor prosecution.  This includes, but is not limited to, reviewing case files, drafting accusations, performing legal research, interviewing witnesses, participating in arraignment, motions hearings, bench trials, and, hopefully, jury trials. Prerequisites: A clean criminal history (other than minor traffic offenses) Preferences: Evidence Criminal Law Eligibility to practice under… Read more »

Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia

SITE DESCRIPTION Established in 1975 by an Act of the Georgia General Assembly, the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council provides operational support and training to Georgia District Attorneys and Solicitors-General to bolster their efforts to build safer communities through the fair and just enforcement of the law. Students will be assigned a mentor who will insure that… Read more »

Office of the Attorney General, State of Georgia

SITE DESCRIPTION Along with research projects, externs will be encouraged to actively participate in matters being handled by the division to which they are assigned; including opportunities to participate in client meetings, mediation sessions, depositions and court proceedings. Students will be assigned a mentor who will insure that the student receives training in the practical… Read more »

Gwinnett County Solicitor General

SITE DESCRIPTION Students will work in the Office of the Gwinnett County Solicitor. It is desired to have students perform as an Assistant Solicitor. This includes, but is not limited to, activities such as legal research, complying with discovery demands, interviewing witnesses, preparing pre-trial motions, participating in arraignment, revocation, and motions hearings, as well as hopefully trying bench and/or jury… Read more »

Cobb County D.A., Trial Division

SITE DESCRIPTION Externs are assigned to work with a trial team of two attorneys. Assignments include researching and writing memoranda, drafting motions and indictments, fact investigations, witness interviews, presenting cases to grand juries, arguing motions, handling probation revocation hearings, and, if the court and student’s schedule permits, trying a felony case to a jury. There… Read more »

DeKalb County D. A., Litigation

SITE DESCRIPTION Students will work with the District Attorney’s Office. Externs will be exposed to the work of a criminal investigator under the direct supervision of an investigator and will assist in interviewing witnesses, securing physical evidence, and preparing trial reports. Following this, externs will be assigned to the Grand Jury Division working directly under… Read more »

DeKalb County Solicitor General

SITE DESCRIPTION Legal externs working in the DeKalb County Solicitor-General’s office will be exposed to all aspects of misdemeanor prosecution in DeKalb County.  They will learn the professional, ethical, and procedural aspects of screening, assessing, and prosecuting misdemeanor crimes in DeKalb County, while working with the assistant solicitors-general, investigators, and victim-witness advocates in our office. … Read more »

Fulton County Solicitor General

SITE DESCRIPTION Students work in the office of the Fulton County Solicitor under the supervision of an attorney, conducting investigations, interviewing witnesses and complainants, preparing for trial, and appearing in court as student prosecutors in misdemeanor cases. Students may also perform research and other tasks involving appeals assigned to his or her solicitor. Work assignments… Read more »

United States Attorney, Northern District of Georgia

SITE DESCRIPTION Students work in the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia. Students are assigned to work either in the civil or criminal division for the entire two semesters. The first semester will serve as a foundation for the activities performed second semester. Students working in the civil division engage… Read more »