Semesters offered:




Students will work with the District Attorney's Office. Externs will be exposed to the work of a criminal investigator under the direct supervision of an investigator and will assist in interviewing witnesses, securing physical evidence, and preparing trial reports. Following this, externs will be assigned to the Grand Jury Division working directly under the supervision of an assistant district attorney. Responsibilities will include evaluation and screening of cases for legal sufficiency, preparation of indictments, and presentation of cases to the Grand Jury. Externs will then be assigned to work with a trial attorney and will participate in all aspects of trial preparation, negotiation with defense attorneys, and participation in arraignments, pre-trial hearings, and probation revocation hearings. Wherever feasible, students will be given an opportunity to assist at the trial of criminal cases.



  • Eligibility to practice under the Law School Public Prosecutor Act, which requires that the student (1) be in good academic standing (at least 2.3 GPA), (2) have earned at least two-thirds (58 hours) of the J.D. requirements in not fewer than four semesters or six quarters of residence, and (3) be of good moral character


  • Criminal Procedure Investigation and/or Criminal Procedure Adjudication


  • Students are required to participate in weekly seminars conducted by the District Attorney's office.
  • Students participating in this externship may have to work more hours than required for other externships, and work hours may be less flexible during weeks students are scheduled to be in court.
  • Students may not work with any other organizations which practice criminal law Dekalb County while participating in this externship.
  • For summer placements, this site requires students to commit to 40 hours per week for 10 weeks. This hour commitment is in excess of the course requirements. Students applying must agree to this additional hour requirement.