Judge Amy Totenberg, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia

SITE DESCRIPTION Students will work for Judge Totenberg performing legal research, analysis and writing, observing hearings and trials, and participating in various other aspects of the work of a judicial law clerk. STUDENT QUALIFICATIONS Prerequisites: Top ten percent of class or law review/moot court participation or significant writing experience. Preferences: Third-year students, but second-year students… Read more »

Presiding Justice David E. Nahmias, Georgia Supreme Court

SITE DESCRIPTION Students work for Justice Nahmias under the direct supervision of his staff attorneys. Externship includes legal research and writing and the opportunity to observe oral argument. Assignment of projects to externs is dependent upon writing and research skills, i.e., grasp of legal issues and ability to weigh and evaluate arguments made by the… Read more »

Chief Justice Harold Melton, Georgia Supreme Court

SITE DESCRIPTION Students work for Justice Melton performing research, analysis and writing. Students will have the opportunity to study the briefs in cases filed in the Court and to observe oral argument. STUDENT QUALIFICATIONS Prerequisites: Top 50% of class Superior writing and research skills Preferences: Prefer third-year students but second-year students may also apply ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS A… Read more »

Justice Robert Benham, Georgia Supreme Court

SITE DESCRIPTION Students work for Justice Benham under the direct supervision of Justice Benham’s law assistants. Students will research and write on issues appearing in cases pending before the Supreme Court. Students are encouraged to attend the Court’s oral argument sessions during their externships. STUDENT QUALIFICATIONS Prerequisites: Strong research and writing skills Preferences: Second and third-year students NO… Read more »