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Students will work in the FAA Office of Regional Counsel, Southern Region, where they will address a variety of advisory and litigation legal issues presented by management officials and client offices located in the Regional Office Headquarters in Atlanta, GA as well as officials and divisions located in several surrounding states within the Southern Region and U.S. Caribbean Territories.

The primary areas of focus include employment and labor law, acquisition, real estate, torts, ethics, and release of information. The attorneys in the Office of Regional Counsel litigate cases, evaluate administrative claims, participate in alternative dispute resolution, review legal matters including conduct/discipline, ethics, claims under the Federal Tort claims Act, and procurement and real estate matters involving services and property needed to support the FAA’s mission and the National Airspace System, advise clients, and provide training.

Duties externs can expect include working closely with experienced FAA attorneys in carrying out their assigned legal duties. Advisory duties may include legal research of case law, agency policy and procedures, and participating in legal review of matters indicated above. Litigation duties may include conducting legal research, preparing and reviewing discovery, drafting motions, and preparing witnesses. For cases that go to hearing, externs may have the opportunity to observe local proceedings. Much of the litigation handled by the office entails representing management officials before the Merit Systems Protection Board and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; however, it is not uncommon for FAA attorneys to work with the U.S. Attorney’s Office as cases proceed in federal district court.


Prerequisites: None


· Second and third-year students may apply.
· Classes in Administrative Law and Employment Law are not required but are beneficial


· Students must be fingerprinted and submit to a background check.