What is Digital Measures?

Digital Measures is a state-of-the-art reporting tool for faculty at the College of Law. Report recent academic information and accomplishments, update or edit previous information and export your information. Log in now »

The Digital Measures initiative is managed by University IIT, but Law Technology can assist with most issues. (Email the Helpdesk to request support.)

What can I use Digital Measures for?

Use Digital Measures to input any recent activities, academic projects, awards or accomplishments. You also may generate an automated CV using Digital Measures custom reporting.

How do I classify my activities?

If you are unsure which category to choose for a given activity, please see the category reference table.

How do I classify my publications?

1.        Enter publications of all types under Scholarship/Research > Intellectual Contributions/Publications

2.        Under Contribution Type, use the following categories

3.        Fill out as many of the additional categories as are applicable. Be sure to indicate whether the publication was peer reviewed or not.

4.        If you have questions about how to categorize your work, please email Tim Lytton.

Where can I get help using Digital Measures?

If you are having trouble using Digital Measures, please watch the instructional videos. If you are having a specific issue not included in the videos, please contact the HelpDesk.

How-to Videos

Entering Data

What if my activity doesn't fit in any existing categories or I am not sure which category I should use?
If you are unsure which category to use, click here to view a table of different possible entries and corresponding categories. If you are still unsure which category fits your entry, please contact the HelpDesk.
How many years of data must be entered?
All information previously stored on FIMS (through December 2011) will be transferred to your Digital Measures portfolio. There is no limit for new faculty entries.
Can I upload my CV and have information entered automatically?
Digital Measures currently does not offer an automated system for uploading and scanning documents. Since Digital Measures is web-based, however, updates to the system are made frequently. This type of functionality may be implemented in the future, but as of 2013, it is not an option.
Can my faculty support person enter my data for me?
Faculty support staff may enter data on behalf of professors. If you are a member of faculty support and have trouble accessing an account, please contact the HelpDesk.
What faculty will have access to Digital Measures?
All faculty can access Digital Measures and are expected to submit their activities into the system. Clinical, library, and RWA faculty have the same access-level and available features as all other professors.

Generating Reports

How can I create a custom report?
Currently, the Digital Measures system only supports CV reporting. If you are interested in generating a different type of custom report, please contact the HelpDesk.
Can I get a printed copy of my annual summary?
To generate a printable copy of your CV, please select "PDF" from the export options. When the PDF has downloaded, open it and select "Print."
I've entered my annual data, what do I do now?
If you have finished entering your annual data, you may wish to export annual summaries as a CV. Watch the video on generating a CV report.

Security Concerns

Who has access to my data?
College of Law system administrators and university upper-level administrators will have access to your Digital Measures entries. In the future, we hope to be able to push the limited data entered in Digital Measures into faculty directory pages to illustrate recent activities without duplicate entry.
Is there any sensitive personal data in the system?
Aside from pre-populated demographic data, only information given by the user will be stored. Faculty members have the opportunity to choose which professional information can be shared.
How secure is Digital Measures?
The Digital Measures system is committed to keeping your information secure. All Digital Measures servers are fire-walled and implement an intrusion detection system, while transmitted data is encrypted over a 128-bit SSL connection.