Here are the instructions to access the network drives with your Windows or Mac Laptop.


  1.  Download the zip from the link here: Windows
  2. Extract the files to the desktop or wherever it easier for you.
  3. Now connect to the GSU VPN by running the 'off campus' profile via
  4. Once connected to the VPN you can run the file 'Map Drives' from the zip file. It will ask your username as gsuad\YourCampusID and then enter the password. When typing the password it would look like nothing is happening but it is taking the password. That should be it.
  5. When disconnecting the network drives, run the 'Removes Drives' file that is included in the zip file.


  1.  Connect to the GSU VPN via
  2. Then click either the background or finder in the dock.
  3. On the menu bar click Go, then Connect to server.
  4. Enter the server address listed below, click the (+) to save it. Just run each address and it will ask for your credentials. For username enter gsuad\YourCampusID , you can click remember password if you want to. You should do it to both server addresses.
Server addresses:
Your departmental shared drive(s):
Your personal drive space: