The associate dean for academic affairs is the individual responsible for overseeing the college’s handling of student disability matters and ensuring that students with disabilities receive the accommodations to which they are deemed entitled. Students who have, or think they may have, disabilities that may interfere with their equality of opportunity and warrant an accommodation, should first confer with the associate dean. In appropriate cases, the associate dean will refer the student to the university’s Office of Disability Services (ODS) to be evaluated by the proper health care or related professionals. Once the appropriate evaluations are done, ODS will determine which accommodations, if any, are warranted, in light of the evaluation and the student’s circumstances. That information will be forwarded to the registrar of the College of Law.

If a student is approved for an accommodation related to taking exams, the registrar will coordinate directly with ODS and arrange for ODS to administer the exam(s), in accordance with the prescribed accommodations and the college’s and professors’ policies. If professors’ exams are designed in a manner that makes the suggested accommodations inappropriate, that information will be communicated to ODS so that other accommodations might be considered.

If the accommodations relate to matters other than taking exams (such as note-taking services), the associate dean for academic affairs will meet with the student and coordinate accommodations. To the extent that the College of Law has the appropriate facilities, personnel and expertise to implement the accommodations, it will do so. As to anything that it cannot do in-house, ODS will provide such services. To preserve the college’s anonymous grading system, students are strongly discouraged from discussing these issues directly with their individual professors.