September 17, 2018 - Announcements, Newsletter, Newsletter Announcements

The University has restructured the academic calendar so that the University does not open for business after the winter break until January 7. All classes are set to start on January 14. Typically, the College of Law would start on January 7, but with all units closed (including financial aid) until January 7, it would be impossible to start classes on the same day we reopen.

This impacts the law school because we need a 14-week semester to meet our accreditation requirements and we have a different final exam schedule. After examining various models for the semester, the best solution is to have ALL Monday classes (day and evening) run their first class on Thursday, January 10 (clearly not a Monday).

No other classes would be held on January 10—just Monday classes will be that day. This will make up for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, and then your second class would be on Monday, January 14. So, to summarize: Class 1 on January 10; Class 2 on January 14, regardless of whether that class occurs once or twice/week.

Note that the final day of classes in now April 25. The make-up day for classes is April 19 (before the end of the semester).

The full academic calendar is at

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