October 1, 2018 - Announcements, Newsletter, Newsletter Announcements

Please read the entirety of this message as there is important information related to the bar exam. As a reminder, there are two mandatory events that you need to be aware of.

  1. Tuesday, October 9, 5-5:45 p.m. Applying for the Georgia Bar. The Director of the Office of Bar Admissions for the Supreme Court of Georgia, Heidi Faenza, will be here to speak with you about the application process and what to expect in the coming months in terms of your character & fitness application and the bar exam. You must attend this meeting unless you have a conflicting class or other documented excuse. A video will be available after.

The live session will be held in room 241 and food will be provided. If you opt to view it online, the link will be available and distributed after the program. You will be required to log-in and provide your name in order to view the video. Failure to attend/view the program by October 15 will result in a hold being placed on your spring 2019 registration.

Please note that Ms. Faenza will remain after the program to address any questions that you might have individually about the character and fitness application or the bar exam. If you have questions that you would like to submit in advance, please send them to me or Professor D’Haene (kdhaene@gsu.edu).

  1. Friday, January 25, 2019 OR Saturday, January 26, 2019. GSU Bar Bootcamp. Yes, January may seem early to start practicing for the bar exam, but consider this: (a) the exam is getting more difficult; and (b) fewer students are passing it. We want to equip you with a good understanding of the exam well before you start your review courses after graduation. Waiting until June to develop your bar exam strategy simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

You will be required to take a 100-question practice MBE prior to the bootcamp. Professor D’Haene will announce the dates for taking the diagnostic. The program will focus on study skills, the results of your first crack at the exam, and an overview of the essay and performance test components of the bar exam. It’s a long day: 9a-5pm. Attendance is taken at several intervals. We will provide breakfast and lunch. I will be sending an email to you in early October to have you sign up for one of those dates. Again, it’s mandatory, so mark your calendar now.


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