The College of Law students can rent lockers on the second and third floors of the Law Building. Information and policies governing locker rentals can be found on this page.

Locker Rules

  1. Lockers are available only for students currently registered in the College of Law.
  2. Lockers are rented for one academic year (August – July). Students that are renewing will keep their current locker, there is no need to remove the lock. If a locker is vacated it is subject to reassignment.
  3. The non-refundable fee is $35.00 and may be paid by credit card through the student locker payment portal (online payment only). Please note that lockers on the top have limited availability.
  4. You will receive two e-mail confirmations, the first confirming your payment and second with your locker assignment. You must provide the lock. NO KEY LOCKS ARE ALLOWED.
  5. Lockers are provided for the storage of books, school supplies, and personal items. Food and beverages may be stored but should not be left overnight.
  6. No entry will be made by officials of the University into any locker for any purpose except in the following instances:
    1. After reasonable notice to the student to whom the locker has been assigned.
    2. In response to a valid search warrant covering the locker in question.
    3. To empty the locker during annual reassignment of lockers.
    4. In what may appear to be a health-related or life-threatening situation.

In any of the above situations, if the renter cannot be located, or refuses to cooperate, the University may cut the padlock, as circumstances appear to warrant. The College of Law is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please use lockers for overnight storage at your own risk.

All questions or concerns should be addressed to Ken Walsh, at  or (404) 413-9090.