February 1, 2016 - Events, Newsletter

In a panel discussion like no other, some of the most infamous and snarkiest legal bloggers, authors and lawyers on the U.S. legal scene will come together to discuss the advantages and pitfalls that comes along with having some of the most popular legal blogs in the country. Scott Greenfield, Brian Tannebaum, Keith Lee—and possibly a special guest—will speak at noon Monday, Feb. 22, in Room 346.
You’ll come away with knowledge of how blogs foster relationships, generate business (or not), and attract a sometimes tumultuous level of attention.

  • Scott Greenfield is a criminal defense lawyer from New York. His legal blog is Simple Justice, and he contributes at Fault Lines (Mimesis Law).
  • Keith Lee is a civil lawyer from Birmingham, Alabama. His blog is Associates' Mind. He also writes for Above the Law, and is the author of The Marble and the Sculptor: From Law School to Law Practice (ABA 2013).
  • Brian Tannebaum is a criminal and bar defense lawyer from Miami. His blog is My Law License. He has been a regular columnist at Above the Law and is the author of The Practice: Brutal Truths about Law and Lawyering (ABA 2014).
  • Special Guest: Mark Bennett is a criminal defense lawyer from Houston. His legal blog is Defending People. He will be arguing before the Georgia Supreme Court on Feb. 23.

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