December 5, 2017 - Announcements, Newsletter, Newsletter Announcements

  1. Be sure that you double check the time and room of your in-class exams. If you are late, the proctor will only give you the time remaining. If you completely miss it, you will receive an F.
  2. For take home exams, make sure you know when you need to turn it in/upload the exam. Turning it in past the deadline may result in an F or a steep deduction in the grade.
  3. If you have an emergency please contact Dean Cino or Dean Timmons immediately. Do not contact your instructor—it could breach anonymous grading. You will have to provide documentation of the emergency.
  4. Don’t wait to the last minute to turn in a take-home. Be risk-adverse.
  5. Law students have until Dec. 15 to turn in text book rentals. You can ignore emails you receive about the Dec. 12 deadline.
  6. Beginning Spring 2018 all textbooks from the campus book store except law courses are organized by author instead of course. Your books will be in the same place by course prefix then by course number.

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