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U.S. Department of the Interior - Office of the Regional Solicitor


The Department of the Interior is the nation’s principal natural resources management agency. It also has significant responsibilities in American Indian affairs. The Southeast Regional Solicitor’s Office in Atlanta provides legal counsel to Interior agencies and offices in the states located in the southeastern U. S., the U. S. Virgin Islands, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, including in the areas of public land use, Indian treaty and other rights, resource protection policies and park concession contracts, grants and other agreements, Endangered Species Act, water law, oil and gas resources on the Outer Continental Shelf, coal surface mining regulation, matters pertaining to the U. S. territories, procurement, agreements, administrative law, employment law, ethics, intellectual property, FOIA and Privacy Act, water law, NEPA, Clean Water Act, natural resource damages, CERCLA, OPA, and torts. The office also works closely with the Department of Justice and U. S. Attorneys’ offices on litigation involving the Department.

The Regional Solicitor’s Office is located in the Richard B. Russell Federal Building and U. S Courthouse in downtown Atlanta. Externs will be assigned work in the various areas of the regional office’s practice and can expect to draft discovery documents, motions, answers and other pleadings, draft legal memoranda, decisions and opinions, attend meetings with client agencies and agency officials on legal matters pending in the office, attend hearings (administrative and judicial), and attend and participate in witness preparation, negotiations and mediations.

Externs will also be assigned administrative litigation and will be expected to handle all phases of the litigation, including briefing witnesses, pre-hearing conferences and hearings. Externs will work directly with attorneys and their work will be supervised by senior attorneys in the office.



Preferences: Second or third-year students are encouraged to apply


Students must submit a writing sample, transcript, and resume at the time of application.