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Externship Category: Ethics/Professional Responsibility

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State Bar of Georgia, Office of the General Counsel


The Office of the General Counsel of the State Bar of Georgia is responsible for the enforcement of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct and investigation and prosecution of disciplinary complaints against attorneys. Students will work in the Office of the General Counsel under the supervision of an attorney. Students will have the opportunity to review grievances, conduct investigations, interview witnesses, prepare and review discovery, assist with preparation for depositions and hearings, and draft pleadings. Students may also perform research and other tasks assigned by the supervising attorney. Students will also have the opportunity to perform assignments for and observe other departments of the State Bar of Georgia (i.e. Law Practice Management, Unauthorized Practice of Law).

Students will be assigned a mentor who will insure that the student receives training in the practical application of the law, will provide and document frequent feedback about their job performance, and will provide insight into the professional obligations that come with being an attorney.




  • Professional Responsibility
  • Evidence
  • Lawyering: Advocacy (Litigation)

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