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The vast majority of innovations that are eligible for intellectual protection (patents, copyrights, trademarks) created by employees of GSU are owned by GSU. GSU’s Office of Technology Licensing & Commercialization receives disclosures of such innovations and is responsible for evaluating them and, when appropriate, pursuing protection and eventual commercialization of such innovations. These activities assure compliance with requirements of federal funding sources. More importantly, effective development and commercialization of GSU innovations enables the public to benefit from them, promotes economic development and may generate meaningful revenue that may be used to fund more high value research activities at GSU. The path from a newly disclosed innovation to the market requires the exercise of legal, technical and business skills. An extern in the office will have ample opportunity to be exposed to and to cultivate legal skills relating to IP protection and licensing. Perhaps more importantly, the extern will get insight into how these skills may be put to use to improve lives, the economy and to promote cutting edge research.



  • Interest in understanding the commercialization of academic/university developed innovations.
  • Enjoys being exposed to natural sciences, technology.
  • May read Discover Magazine.

Preferences: Undergraduate or graduate courses in natural sciences, coding or engineering.