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Students will work at the Georgia Innocence Project under the supervision of the Executive Director. The Georgia Innocence Project is a non-profit organization. The project reviews post-conviction cases, using new DNA technology and other scientific methods, to determine if inmates in Georgia have been wrongly convicted. This position offers students interested in criminal law - both prosecution and defense - the opportunity to be involved in the determination of cases viable for consideration by the Georgia Innocence Project.

Students will review inmate correspondence to determine if the project can be of assistance. After cases are determined to be suitable for further review, each student will be assigned a specific number of cases to follow. During this stage, each student will be paired with an established criminal defense attorney. Students will follow and participate in each stage of the post-conviction process, allowing an opportunity for a hands-on learning experience. The student externs will be responsible for reading inmate mail, sending out informational packets to be completed by all inmates, reviewing information provided by inmates, conducting cases investigation, contacting state officials, and monitoring the progress of their individual caseload.

This is a unique opportunity to be a part of the Innocence movement in Georgia. For more information on the Georgia Innocence Project, visit our website at


Prerequisites: Students must be organized, confident, able to follow direction, detail-oriented, assertive, able to work independently and with a team, responsible, comfortable investigating a criminal case, able to conduct complex research, and committed to public interest work.

Preferences: None


  • Students will be responsible for setting a firm schedule with the staff.