Georgia State Law operates on a different academic calendar than the university, with two regular academic semesters and one summer mini-semester each year. For this reason, law students are advised to use this calendar. More detailed calendar information regarding registration, fee deadlines, etc., is provided preceding each academic term. Contact the College of Law for more information.

Fall 2016
Aug. 8-12 Orientation and classes begin for first-year students
Aug. 15 Fall classes begin for all students
Sept. 5 Labor Day; university closed
Oct. 11 Midpoint (nonhardship withdrawal deadline)
Nov. 1 Spring Registration Opens
Nov. 8 Evaluations open on PAWS
Nov. 21-23 Thanksgiving Break; no classes; university open
Nov. 24-26 Thanksgiving Break; university closed
Nov. 28 Last day of classes; extra Monday to make up for Labor Day
Nov. 29 Makeup classes
Nov. 30 Reading Day/Evaluations close on PAWS
Dec. 1-14 Examinations
Dec. 17-Jan. 1 Winter break; university closed
Jan. 11 Fall semester grades due
Jan. 27 Official fall graduation date
Jan. 30 Letters to Georgia Bar for fall graduates
Spring 2017
Jan. 3 University open
Jan. 9 Spring classes begin
Jan. 13 Last day to drop or add a class
Jan. 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day; university closed
Feb. 28 Midpoint (nonhardship withdrawal deadline)
March 13-19 Spring Break; no classes
April 11 Evaluations open on PAWS
April 24 Last day of regular classes; extra Monday to make up for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
April 25 Makeup classes
April 26 Reading Day/Evaluations close on PAWS
April 27-May 11 Examinations
May 12 Hooding Ceremony
June 6 Spring grades due
June 23 Official Spring Graduation Date
June 26 Official Fall Graduation Date
Summer 2017
May 22 Summer classes begin
May 29 Memorial Day; university closed
June 14 Midpoint (nonhardship withdrawal deadline)
June 27 Evaluations open on PAWS
July 4 Independence Day; university closed
July 10 Extra Monday to make up for Memorial Day
July 11 Last day of classes and extra day to make up for Independence Day
July 12 Makeup classes
July 13 Reading Day/Evaluations close on PAWS
July 14-24 Examinations
July 31 Summer grades due (This date may be adjusted depending on summer graduation)